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Rental Terms

Trailer rentals are 3-night minimum stay.
Security deposit of $500 + rental deposit of 25% of the total rental collected at time of booking reservation. Can vary per unit and length of term. Remaining balance is collected at time of pickup of rental. 
Renter has to set a pickup and return time for rental; this is appointment based. Please show up on time. Walk through approximately takes about 1 hour. 
Anything dropped off after 2PM will be charged for another night and a $100 administrative fee.
Renter cannot take trailer no farther than 300 miles. 
Renter has to tell Bobby Combs RV Center the location and spot of campsite they will be taking the trailer too. 
Trailers cannot be taken out of the country. 
If major damage is done and renter is using our provided insurance, the damage that exceeds the $500 deductible renter has to pay $1,000 deductible through MBA insurance. If renter is using their own insurance, they have to pay their deductible. 
A card is held on file in case of damage
If a service call is needed while camping the renter is responsible for paying a shop fee of $149 per hour and a trip fee of $100.
No prorate if renter decides to end trip early.
Renter has to have proof of insurance on rented trailer beforehand. 
No smoking or vaping, deposit will be forfeited.
Deposit will be returned 10 days after trailer is brought back and after a thorough inspection by a certified technician

Cancelation Policy:

  • A week or more ahead of time, renter will get full refund back.
  • 3-6 days ahead of time, renter will be charged for a 2-night minimum stay. 
  • 2 days ahead of time, a nonrefundable deposit. 

Renter Responsibilities

  • For rental trailer until checked in by employee
  • Dumping the black and grey tanks.
  • Refilling propane tanks. 
  • Light cleaning inside & outside.
  • Return all rented package amenities.
  • Any damage done to tires during rental.
  • Any damage inside and out done during rental.
  • Awning and slides are renter's responsibility. 
  • service calls.