RV Tips: 5 Easy Tips for Quick Set Up

Whether you arrive at the campground early in the day or just before sunset, getting your RV set up quickly is key so that you can move on to more fun camping activities. A quick and easy setup can be the key to maximizing your vacation. Below, we will go over some of our best RV tips for getting your campsite.

Motorhome set up at campsite

Pick a Level Campsite

The first way you can ensure you’re set up at the campground quickly and easily is by picking a level campsite. The easiest way to do this is by asking the campground when booking your stay about the site and which ones they recommend. If you arrive at your reserved campsite and it is not level enough, you can always check with the front office about changing your location to another campsite. This will add time to your set up, so it’s best to do it when you’re on the phone making the reservation.

Chock Your Wheels

After you get your RV in place, you next want to chock your wheels. Ensure you bring wheel chocks for all your tires, whether you have a towable RV or a motorized RV. You don’t want to get the rest of your campsite set up and then realize your RV has shifted because the wheels of settled.

wheels chocked

Use a Level

Most modern RVs have an auto-leveling system, which helps them to level out even on a campsite that isn’t quite level. However, if you bring along a small level yourself, you can ensure you get the straightest possible setup to be the most comfortable.

Slide Jacks

Getting a set of slide-out jacks is perfect for reducing the rocking inside the RV while walking around, and it helps to prolong the life of your slides. This addition to our RV setup adds a little bit of time, but it’s well worth it, especially if you’ll be staying for long periods.


Once your RV is parked at the campsite and your wheels are chocked, it’s time to hook up your city water, electric, and sewage lines. Be sure to store these appropriately so they’re easy to access when you get to the campsite. Once you’re hooked up, just roll out your slides, and you’re ready to go.

hookup your rv

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